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Exploring Tai O (大澳), Hong Kong’s Traditional Fishing Village

To see more photos and videos of Tai O, explore the Tai O 大澳 and Tai O Market 大澳街巿 location pages.

Known locally as “the Venice of Hong Kong,” Tai O (大澳) is a small fishing village which straddles the waters between the west coast of Lantau Island and a smaller island just 15 meters (49 feet) away. The village is known for its waterfront establishments and traditional way of life. Most notably, Tai O is home to the oldest remaining community of stilt houses, once common across all of Hong Kong.

For over two centuries, the village has been home to the Tanka people, formerly a nomadic southern Chinese ethnic group. Since then until the mid-1900s, the village became a major trading port to China, exporting salt and seafood. Though Tai O is no longer a key site for trade, many elderly residents of the village continue to make a living from fishing, duck farming and making the village’s famous salted fish and shrimp paste, all of which can be found in the main Tai O Market. Tourists from mainland China and Hong Kong visit Tai O to see the slow, unchanging lifestyle of the old seaside village—a sight that has become increasingly rare in their rapidly developing home countries.


This was from our drive along the South Coast of iceland on our way to the black sand beaches of Vik.

There’s so much ice in the ocean that the bit immediately along the shore was a sky mirror (the ripples in this photo are from rock skipping)

if you look closely you can see a rainbow in the middle- not a full rainbow, just a cute little rectangle of a rainbow.


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New Trends in Fashion eCommerce

Mountainside, valley and sea images from the most beautiful locations in Israel.

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An amazing image of a mountain side in the southern area of Israel.#travel #Israel #photography

Sunrise over the valley of Hula in Israel. This is a great place to travel all over the year with millions of birds flying all over the place as they migrate from Europe to Africa and back throughout the year.


Hey look! Another ladder/book stack!

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